Report presentation

October, 10

1. Plenary session “Educational Policy and Strategy: Global Vision, Challenges and Prospects”

  • New frontiers in online learning

    Nikhil Sinha, Chief Business Officer, Coursera
    Keynote_Nikhil Sinha.pdf

  • Strategic plan for online learning at the University of Pennsylvania

    Rebecca Stein, Executive Director, University of Pennsylvania's Online Learning Initiative (OLI)
    Keynote_Rebecca Stein.pdf

  • Strategies for Cultural Change in eLearning

    William Kuskin, Vice Rector & Associate Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives, Boulder, CO
    Keynote_William Kuskin.pdf

2. Online Platforms Meeting Target Audiences Needs: Challenges and Opportunities

  • I want it ALL and I want it NOW: Addressing diverse needs of target audiences, Business Content Manager, Coursera

    Eran Raviv, Israel’s Director Of Campus-IL, Israel’s National Platform For Digital Learning
    Keynote_Eran Raviv.pdf

  • Key Trends to Deliver: Learner Value

    Masha Tarasyuk, Business Content Manager, Coursera
    Keynote_Tarasyuk Masha.pdf

3. Policies: How to Integrate MOOCs on Campus

  • From a university to an education ecosystem

    Ulrike Wild, Programme director Open and Online Education, Wageningen University & Research, Suzanne de Bruijn, Marketing Officer, Open and Online Education, Wageningen University & Research
    Keynote_Ulrike Wild, Suzanne de Bruijn.pdf

  • Integrating MOOCs in University Curriculum: HSE University Experience

    Evgeniya Kulik, Director of eLearning Office at HSE University
    Keynote_Evgeniya Kulik.pdf

  • Lessons from MOOC Integration at the University of Colorado Boulder

    Cory Pavicich, Digital Learning Initiatives Director, University of Colorado Boulder
    Keynote_Cory Pavicich.pdf

  • University without borders

    Denis Yanyshev, Director the Centre for the development of electronic educational resources, MSU
    Keynote_Denis Yanyshev.pdf

4. Technologies, Procedures and UI in Education

  • New Formats and Trends in Online Learning

    Deborah Keyek-Franssen, Ph.D. and Associate Vice President for Digital Education and Engagement, University of Colorado System Office
    Keynote_Deborah Keyek-Franssen.pdf

5. MOOCs Quality and Recognition

  • Coursera

    Kara A. Behnke, Teaching & Learning Specialist, Coursera
    Keynote_Kara A. Behnke.pdf


    Darco Jansen, Programme Manager, EADTU (European Association of Distance Teaching Universities)
    Keynote_Darco Jansen.pdf

  • Alignment of national and international requirements to online courses

    Natalia Chicherina, Deputy Director, HSE University in St.Peterburg, Yulia Vasilieva, Head of the educational-methodical department, HSE - St. Petersburg
    Keynote_Natalia Chicherina, Yulia Vasilieva.pdf

October, 11

1. eLearning: Pedagogy, Technology and Interactivity

  • IT education Online?  Mobility as a resource

    Michael Komarov, Deputy Head for International Relations in the School of Business Informatics, HSE
    Keynote_Michael Komarov.pdf

2. Analytics and Psychometrics in Online Courses

  • Assessing the Impact of Diagnostic Tests on Learner Success

    Каrа Behnke, Teaching & Learning Specialist, Coursera
    Keynote_Kara Behnke.pdf

  • On MOOCs Quality Estimation: a Case of Modern Nonparametric Superiority and Noninferiority Statistical Tests

    Olga Maksimenkova, Junior Research Fellow in the International Laboratory for Intelligent Systems and Structural Analysis, HSE, Alexey Neznanov, Senior Research Fellow: Faculty of Computer Science / International Laboratory for Intelligent Systems and Structural Analysis, HSE, Maxim Skryabin, Senior data analyst, Educational platform Stepik
    Keynote_Olga Maksimenkova, Alexey Neznanov, Maxim Skryabin.pdf

3. Organization and Support of Student Research in Online Learning

  • Let’s reinvent the research university model for the digital world

    Pablo Achard, Senior Advisor to the Rector, Université de Genève
    Keynote_Pablo Achard.pdf

  • Research community in online-school

    Polina Kolozaridi, Internet studies researcher, PhD in Sociology scholar at HSE, HSE University, Lyonya Yuldashev, Coordinator of club for internet and society enthusiasts, Club for internet and society enthusiasts
    Keynote_Polina Kolozaridi, Lyonya Yuldashev.pdf

4. Special session of AKSON “MOOC and Media: How to Make an Online-course Popular”

5. Online Teacher Professional Development and Support

  • ICT Competence of teachers: overcoming a deficit

    Irina Dvoretskaya, Research Assistant at the Centre for the Study of Educational Innovations, HSE
    Keynote_Irina Dvoretskaya.pdf

  • Building e-Learning Capabilities Among Russian Universities’ Academic Staff: Case od Massive Open Online Courses

    Anastasia Popova, Postgraduate student, Institute of Education, HSE
    Keynote_Anastasia Popova.pdf

  • Supporting faculty in online teaching

    Rebecca Stein, Executive Director, University of Pennsylvania's Online Learning Initiative (OLI)
    Keynote_Rebecca Stein.pdf

6. Communication in Online Education

  • Communicating at a Distance For the sake of Effective Teaching and Learning

    Ignatius Gert Petrus Gous, Professor in the College of Human Sciences, University of South Africa
    Keynote_Ignatus Gous.pdf